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I have just enjoyed your flash astronomy article in Sky and Telescope.

I do not have quite your "flashy" setup but only last week at dusk I pulled my 90mm telescope from the back of the closet, set the tripod at comfortable sitting-position height and showed Saturn to my mother. Wide-angle first, then higher power for the impressive, if short drift across the field of view. It was a lot of fun and I had the scope back in the closet before the stars really came out and even before the Houston mosquitoes could get us.

Thanks for a fun article, and for more than a few flashy ideas.

Ian Fisher

Read your Focal Point article in the July 08 issue of S&T with great interest.
After reading it I realized I've been doing the same thing for years. I call my observing "Mini" and "Micro" observing secessions. A "Mini" observing secession is observing for a half hour or less. A "Micro" observing secession is observing for about 5 minutes. Both observing secessions usually involve observations of variable stars with my 12x63 binoculars or 80mm ST refractor.

I have found that, in the course of a month, all these observing secessions can add up to quite a lot of observing.

Thanks for the great article.
Rich Tyson

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