Flash Astronomy

Other reasons to look up in the sky

If you can think of more, please send them to us so we can add to the list

1. What if Chicken Little is right?
2. See extra notes at the bottom
3. Weather
a. Clouds
b. Rain
c. Snow
d. Lightning
e. Don't look at hail
f. Leaves
g. Sand Storms
h. Tornadoes
i. Water spouts
j. Frogs
k. Mud (a sandstorm meets a thunderstorm)
4. Birds
5. Bugs
6. Bats
7. Flying squirrels
8. Meteors
9. Volcanoes
10. Fireworks
11. Airplanes
12. Sky divers
13. Baseballs, etc.
14. Missiles
15. Satellites
17. The space left by trees
18. UFO's
19. Sunrises
20. Sunsets
21. and then there is the night sky

When I was young, my first riding instructor told me:
"Don't look down, or you might wind up there"
I like to turn things around and I look up a lot.
Now I am a pilot, who has spent thousands of hours in the sky and when not up in the sky, I try to spend as much time as possible watching it

There are also penalties for not looking up

The town where I live is infested with beavers. I watched this beaver chewing on a tree for weeks with no luck. If he had only looked up, he would have given up much earlier, as there was no place for the tree to fall.

Then there was this poor fellow who failed to look up at the right time.

So keep looking up!

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